Start Earning College Credit while in High School

As a current high school student you can start taking West Virginia University courses and earning college credits at our flagship university now! With the ACCESS WVU - Early College Program, you can take college courses either completely online, 24/7, anywhere you have access to high-speed internet or in partnering high schools. You can choose from a broad collection of online courses that meet general education requirements or courses in your high school in Mathematics, Science, and Engineering. As a result, you can reach your academic goals faster and at a reduced tuition cost.

When you take courses through the ACCESS WVU - Early College Program, we surround you with a strong support network of esteemed WVU faculty, high-quality instructors, and student success coaches. The student success coaches will communicate weekly with online students to monitor course progress, to help with any course challenges, and to answer any questions they may have. The ACCESS WVU - Early College Program website will also stream campus events as available in an effort to connect all students with the WVU Community.