College Courses for High School Students

Students can take courses during the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.

  • Fall semester (August - December)
  • Spring semester (January - April)
  • Summer semester(s) (May - June and July - August)

During the Fall and Spring semester, most courses are 16 weeks long. The Summer semester is broken down into two parts. Most courses during the Summer semester are 6 weeks, which means a traditional 16 week course is condensed into 6 weeks. We advise students who are looking to take Summer courses will have the time to allocate to the fast-paced coursework.

To view courses for the Summer 2017 semester, please visit the schedule of classes search below to determine which courses are being offered. The first summer session is offered May 15th - June 23rd. The second summer session is offered June 26th - August 4th.

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2017 Math Placement test (ALEKS)

What you need to know:

  1. Students who are interested in taking dual credit College Algebra will go to the website and complete steps 1 and 2 of the application process.
  2. Once the teacher confirms a testing date with the HS ACCESS Early College Program, a tester, who is not involved with teaching the course, will come to the school on that day.
  3. Students will go to the ALEKS website to take the test ( For questions about the test please visit the math department website: ALEKS FAQ.
  4. Students will be given access codes to log into the site on the day of the test and will need approximately an hour to complete the test. Special accommodations can be made for a student who needs to take longer based on availability at the school site.
  5. Calculators will not be permitted unless provided within the online test itself.
  6. Students will receive their score immediately. ALEKS also provides a summary of strengths and weaknesses as well as prep and learning modules that must be completed before the next test (if needed).

What Score is acceptable?

  1. Students must make an ALEKS score of 45 to be eligible to take college algebra.
  2. Students must also have a “C” or better in their required HS math classes (Math I, II, III; Or, Alg. I, II and Geometry).
  3. Students will have four attempts to take and pass the test but may have to visit alternative regional sites for the final two test opportunities. (sites to be determined)

Who do I contact with questions about ALEKS?

  1. Please direct questions to the High School ACCESS Director, by emailing or call 304-627-2190/304-293-9480/304-293-9420
  2. Access students are given the same testing opportunities and must meet the same prerequisite as traditional on-campus students. The ALEKS Score becomes an official part of the WVU student record.


2016-2017 Academic Year
  • February 24th – Mid-Semester
  • March 24th – Last day to drop a course with a “W” for Spring 2017 semester
  • April 27th – Last Day to Withdraw from the University
  • April 28th – Last Day of Spring 2017 semester
  • April 28th – Summer 2017 Application Deadline
  • May 15th – First Day of Summer 2017 semester
  • June 23rd – Final Exam for First Six-Week Summer Session
  • August 4th – Final Exam for Second Six-Week Summer Session