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Extension Service & 4-H: History Hitting the Road

DescriptionHistory Hitting the Road is a distinct and popular program of West Virginia 4-H. History Hitting the Road travels to local fairs, festivals, 4-H camps, and other seasonal events providing interactive educational programming for youth to learn about life in pre-Civil War Appalachia. 4-H Heritage Programs staff and volunteers engage youth in a variety of activities which may include candle making, rope making, toys and games, beaded necklaces, identifying animal skins and pelts, spinning and weaving, and other activities. The type and number of activities vary by the number of staff and length of each event. Fees are associated with bringing History Hitting the Road to an event, but individual visitors are not charged to participate in programming. History Hitting the Road is also available for school demonstrations and other educational purposes. Contact Dean Hardman for information on scheduling History Hitting the Road to come to a local fair, festival, or camp.
Tags:4-H, Extension
Location:160 WVU Jackson Mill, Weston, WV 26452 map
Age Group:Pre-K,Elementary,Middle School,High School
Fee:See Website http://jacksonsmill.ext.wvu.edu/herita
Sponsored By:Extension Service
Other Details:Travels statewide 12 months of the year
Contact:Dean Hardman (Dean.Hardman@mail.wvu.edu 304-406-7012 or 304-641-2482)