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Class: American Animation: Where Do Cartoons Come From?

DescriptionThis course will go over the beginnings of early American animation to cartoons of wartime. The course is for anyone who is interested in knowing more about our cartoon history; the techniques used and how they were effective, the rise and fall of (in)famous studios and studio heads, about particular animators and how they got their starts (some may surprise you), and how the cartoon industry all came together to do its part and give smiles and laughs for our soldiers (also people on the home front) during devastating wars.

This is a fun and entertaining course that is rich in history. Every student will find this introductory class enlightening, as well as have the opportunity to engage with fellow cartoon enthusiasts.
Tags:Art, Cartooning
Location:Campus Drive, Morgantown, WV, 26506 map
Age Group:High School
Sponsored By:Academic Innovation
Contact:Sherry Kuehn (sherry.kuehn@mail.wvu.edu 304-293-76335)